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Understanding the Types of Law

Bankruptcy & Debt Law

Elder law is dedicated to serving the country’s elderly population. The term elder is defined in terms of age and vulnerability. The criteria for each differs between states. In California, for instance, the state defines an elder as anyone age 65 or older. In Minnesota, a vulnerable adult is anyone who is 18 years or older that has a physical or mental infirmity. Due to that infirmity, that person requires some type of assistance to survive. Some states define an elder as a combination of age and vulnerability status. Each senior citizen has unique needs. It is important that they are protected and taken care of. The most significant issues in this practice area are estate planning, federal benefits, and elder abuse. Attorneys who specialize in elder law are experts in working with these problems. They can help senior citizens prepare for the future. They will also assist them in taking advantage of the benefits society has to offer them.

Criminal Law

Attorneys specializing in criminal law are experts in the violations of local, state, and federal laws and their respective punishments. They advise, defend, and negotiate for clients facing misdemeanor and/or felony charges brought forth by prosecutors of the district attorney’s office. Attorneys who practice in the area of criminal law also represent clients for crimes that fall within local, state, and federal jurisdictions.

Divorce & Family Law

People can be faced with family changes and issues throughout their lifetime. In some cases, they should consult a divorce and family lawyer. Sometimes there are periods of welcome change, like a marriage or adoption. Other times, people find themselves in the midst of a complicated divorce or custody battle. An experienced attorney can provide family legal services. They will ensure these changes occur smoothly, legally, and in the best interests of all involved.

Elder Law

A Bankruptcy & Debt attorney represents clients who are unable to repay or are having trouble repaying individual or business debts. This specialized attorney protects clients against debt collection agencies and, if necessary, guides them through the complicated bankruptcy process that applies to their situation and best suits their needs.

Estate Law

Establishing an estate is an excellent way to be prepared. An estate includes both personal and real estate property as well as the finances gained over a lifetime. Estate lawyers help clients make decisions about where their assets go after their death. They will legally arrange for that property and money to be given where the client prefers. An estate is incredibly important to have for many reasons. With one, family will not have to attend probate court after their loved one has passed. It saves people from going through this long and stressful process. An estate also communicates a person's wishes of how they want their property delegated. It ensures that the person is in control of decisions about their property while they are alive. A probate court will not likely make the same decisions after their passing. Estate lawyers are significant roles in their clients’ lives. An estate planning attorney primarily works with wills, trusts, financial power of attorney, and health care directives.

Immigration Law

An attorney specializing in immigration law provides a variety of immigration legal services to non-citizens who reside or wish to reside in the United States. Clients who fear deportation, need legal documentation like work visas, or those who wish to become naturalized citizens of the U.S. should consult an immigration attorney who can represent them in court and/or guide them through the daunting process to begin their path to citizenship.

Personal Injury & Accident Law

Clients who have been injured or victimized by another person, animal, environment, or product should seek the representation of an Accident & Personal Injury attorney in order to seek injury compensation. These specialized attorneys act in the best interests of their clients by filing civil suits against individuals, businesses, or other entities in an effort to procure injury compensation, or damages, for wrongful acts.

Real Estate Law

Real estate attorneys are experts in working with legal problems related to real estate. They have experience with all types of real estate needs. Their job is mainly transaction based. This includes titles, deeds, zoning, mortgages, and tenants at rental properties. They can also assist clients who want to buy property. They help everyone from families buying their first homes to CEOs purchasing high-rise office buildings in big cities. They will be present at their client's closing and, if necessary, represent them in a court of law. A real estate lawyer's responsibilities are vast and they must be prepared to serve all types of clients.

Social Security & Disability Law

A Social Security and Disability (SSDI) lawyer is an expert in laws involving social security benefits. These are provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Social Security is a U.S. federal agency that supports social insurance and benefits. When an American reaches retirement age, Social Security provides themhim or her with financial support. This is also applicable for those who are physically and/or mentally disabled.